So around 9 months ago I seriously heat damaged my hair from straightening it ONCE (used to be 3a/b)

Its straight in some places (dead straight) wavey - ish in others, (i wouldnt even call it wave)

I do my hair in a high bun but it's just sooo boring and plain, and I have frizzy hair at the sides which makes it worse! I can't wear it down it looks flat, dead, frizzy (i know hair is dead but you know what I mean..) dry, and obviously I don't wanna use heat!

What hair styles would you recommend?
(Where you wont notice that it's heat damaged) lol

I'm having serious trouble with my hair, I've had to cut it twice but I'm thinking about cutting it above my shoulders so it doesn't look like it's hanging and drooping and all limp and lifeless and dry !

& Any other transitioning tips you think would help speed it up or make my hair healthier or whatever pls share! Thank u

By the way this picture was taken in January, I have had it cut and layered since then and it's a little shorter but not that much different.
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