I am kind of tired of my hair. I can never have it down, because it always looks like trash. I've tried no poo, I've tried forgetting both and using baking soda and vinegar, and nothing works. My hair sucks.

It's a mixture of 3a/3b. It's sort of at the middle of my chest. The reason it's a mix is because a good half of my hair has been dyed many times for about 4-5 years, and the tips have been bleached because I had ombre/dip dye hair for a while. Also, for a good 4 years, I would blowdry and straighten my hair (with a very hot iron) every week. It's really damaged, and it really hasn't grown past my chest since I was about 13/14 (I'm 18 now)

It's made my hair sort of puffy-ish. I try to use mousse, hair gel, curling creams, oils, etc. My hair eats it all up, and leaves half of it looks okay, and the other half really crap. I've also tried to tame a bit of it by using a curling iron on some of the areas that are a really frizzy wave, but it gets on my nerves, and the humidity of Florida will often just make it puffy and frizzy. I've given up, I always have it in a ponytail and in my house it's always up in a bun. My bangs are horrible, because I've been bleaching them for the past 2 years (my hair hasn't been a solid color in a while)

I've always wanted short hair, but I was afraid because of my hair texture and my 'fat face'. I was thinking of getting it cut around August, since I'm hoping to lose around 20-30 pounds before I start college.

Where I live it's really humid, so when I straighten my hair, I gave to pray and put a ton of serum so it doesn't get too poofy. I'm moving to Boston, and it doesn't get that humid there, which is why I'm considering a pixie cut.

I was thinking of straightening my hair about once a week, maybe longer. I went on accutane, and my entire body is so dry now, if I really wanted to, I could go a good 2 and a half weeks before it even starts to look dirty. I wanted a Michelle Williams type pixie.

However, I'm scared that this will damage my hair too much, and I'll be stuck with short hair forever because split ends won't let it grow. I have SO MANY split ends, I'm pretty sure that's why my hair hasn't grown. I'd have to cut my hair to an awkward above the chin bob to get rid of them all. Which is why I'm considering a pixie.

I won't dye it (I stopped dying my entire hair like 4 years ago, and I just dyed my bangs to my natural color so I can stop the bleaching) and I rarely ever straighten my hair. I did it maybe three times in the past few years.

Am I destined to have my hair in a ponytail forever? I just want to cut it short, and let virgin hair grow out. I attached a picture of my face, and my desired haircut (not the color, I'm keeping my brown!)