It is that time of year for me to begin my big year purchase. I often use my taxes and make a big purchase from Curl Mart and other places to hopefully last me the entire year.

With that being said, I love CJ but it is expensive. I have never tried SM products, but I'm very curious about them after reading some CJ reviews.

My problem is that my hair Coconut Oil sensitive. It LOVES it as a treatment, but on everyday p[products it will make my hair too stringy, greasy, or the wet look. (Although the curling is to die for.) Regardless I can't go to work with hair that looks greasy and dirty.

Are SM products heavy with the Coconut Oil? Should I try it or save myself the trouble?
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Hair Attributes: Mixed 2 with 3A undergrowth & no root curl.
Fine, Thin, Easily Manipulated, Easily Styled, Easy to Frizz, and Easy to damage.

Favorites: CJ Daily Fix, CJ Rehab, Anything Spiral Solutions, Darcy Botanicals Pumpkin Seed

New Goals To restore my hair after dying it twice in two weeks. Learning more about products found in the stores to fit my tight budget. I'm still working on trying to grow out my hair.