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Could you describe what you're currently doing? Like, how often do you wash it? What products are you currently using? How are you styling it? Isn't it mostly the dryness that's the problem? I really hope people on this site can help you out.
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Oh alright I don't use this site too often so thank you for the tip! And Every two weeks I wash my hair with bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. Then I deep co using mayo,honey, and olive oil (i don't use egg anymore because it leaves stuff on my hair). then I moisturize with shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and seal with coconut oil. Of course all of this is done in vein, considering none of it does anything. :/ And the problem is dryness AND just like idk the way my hair "naturally" feels. It feels like PLASTIC. And I keep it in a bun because it's too dry to do anything with it.