Maybe ur hair need to be breathe after relaxing n weaving, r u following the cg method ? R u washing ur hair everyday? Maybe u need to extend the periods between the washes n let ur scalp produce its oil , why don't refresh ur hair with water spray n put some natural oil like jojoba I do this everyday without washing n it penetrates my hair leaving it soft.
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I stopped weaves about 8 weeks ago and stopped relaxers about 21 months ago so by now I thought my hair would like "change" or something. But no, it's still the same. My problem is that my hair simply REJECTS all product. Considering nothing works! That's why I thought I have low porosity but I still don't know. :/ I wash my hair once every two weeks as well. And water and jojoba oil will only be a temporary fix. I want to know what I can do to make my hair normal feeling. Like when I rub my fingers thorough a strand I don't want to feel any resistance like I do now. :/