Have you tried the curly girl method? I'm not fully natural yet, over 9 months into transitioning, but the CG method has been great for both my natural hair and permed ends. I've heard that the CG method has brought some people's hair from being completely dry to soft and moisturized, and minimized breakage. People often try it out for 6 weeks (bc, the first couple weeks can tend to seem bad, but then it gets really good) to see if it'll work for them.
Last Relaxer: July 6th, 2012, approx 1:30pm.
12 months/52.2 weeks/365 days transitioning!

"Right now I'm wearing a 'Darn-I-Went-To-Bed-Without-A-Scarf' and later I'm gonna try a 'Salvage-This-And-Try-To-Look-Presentable.'"