Every two weeks I wash my hair with bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. Then I deep co using mayo,honey, and olive oil (i don't use egg anymore because it leaves stuff on my hair). then I moisturize with shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and seal with coconut oil.
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I would suggest you find a good full conditioner to use as a leave-in (shea moisture restorative, for example) and then seal it in with oil...under the smoothie. The smoothie isn't really designed to be a moisturizer, it's more of a styling product that can also provide moisture....

What do you do between washes? Are you not wetting your hair during this time at all? If so, 2 weeks is a long time for your hair to go without additional moisture (I must be missing something here, so I'm sorry if I sound dense!).
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But that's the thing, I cannot find a full conditioner because nothing works! My biggest problem is that my hair doesn't take products. I think once I can solve that problem life will be easier haha. And I don't moisturize too often between washes to be honest. But that's only because I know my hair won't change at all so I guess I lose motivation to moisturize my hair.