I'm a 2C. I use Curl Keeper on my wet hair. I also use Knot Today. I then plop for about 1/2 hour. I then take my hair down and apply Pantene Curl Mousse (it works better for me when my hair is only damp or when it's dry). I then apply some clips in the crown, blow out my bangs, and let my hair air dry. LOL I have a 1 hr drive to work so the vents help dry my hair! I sleep with my hair down at night (pineappling does not work for me! It only tangles my hair!) In the AM I spritz my hair lightly with water, apply a little more Pantene Mouse and Knot Today (if needed) and do am almost dry plop (I accordion my hair into the shirt and tie it up). I do my makeup and when I'm done I let my hair down. I get full bouncy curls doing this! One thing I notice is I CANNOT handle tons of products in my hair. I have very thick hair but it does not like an abundance of product. I can handle cones but again not in abundance. For me simple is best