Nothing will work miracles with one's all about consistently providing the moisture to your hair. I think you should try wetting it every few days, not washing, but massaging your scalp to remove build up, and "washing" with conditioner only. Then after you turn off the water, put more condish in, seal with oil, then add your smoothie.

If you're so frustrated that you're considering going back to relaxers, it's worth a shot....right!!!!???? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

My hair would be drier than the Sahara if left to its own devices for 2 weeks!!! Of course, my scalp would be an oil slick, but that's another story.
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Here's something to inspire you. CG is about eliminating sulfates and silicones (which you're already doing), but the main point to it is learning that conditioner is your best friend, you need to embrace your friend and have a visit every couple days!
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You're right. I've never been consist with my hare care. I think it was because I sort of gave up. But what do I have to lose? I think I'll try the co-washing only method and stop using bentonite clay [for my hair]. I'm thinking of my "shampoo" being the I am Me Coconut Cowash. And I'm thinking of trying the Aussie Moist 3-minute miracle because I've really only heard good things about it. However I'm not sure if the ingredients are healthy for my hair, I'll have to check first. I think I should get a leave-in conditioner too, I have no idea which one though. I'm also thinking of trying hairfinity pills because my diet is also very bad and I know I'm not getting the vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair.