U are using a LOT of protein. I bet that's why. Try using a clarifying shampoo and try a super moisturizing conditioner like Tresseme Naturals nourishing moisture. And also use it as a leave in and a deep conditioner. Give some time to soften up bc it sounds like u have protein overload.


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Ooh, I really agree with this. You probably should try cutting protein. Protein and moisture ar e different, and if your using too much protein it could be sabotaging you moisturizing attempts, like putting mayo in your deep treatments. That means cutting the mayo and the smoothie and see what your hair does. TN is good. Protein can be really good for your hair, and might have made it look good before, but too much can make hair rough and hard. You can't just wash it out either. You have to give your hair a break from it so it wears off.

Also, you can put a protein free conditioner in a spray bottle with water and use that to moisturize between washes. Personally, I don't find oils moisturizing enough by themselves. I need a well formulated conditioner to help keep my hair moisturized, then I seek that in with oils. The smoothie is more of a sealer for me, and I have to use a conditioner under it.
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What do you think of Aussies 3-minute miracle. I've only heard good things about it but I'm not sure of the ingredients. And oh no I didn't know mayo had protein I though it was only eggs and yogurt that's why I stopped using it as well. And my problem is also finding a conditioner my hair will accept. My hair doesn't accept product it seems. Any conditioners in mind? Hmm and yeah I think I'll start using my smoothie as a sealant. Thank you!