I use heat on my hair during deep conditioning and that doesn't do a thing so I'm not sure if I'll bother going to a salon for steam treatments. And co-washing I'm considering. I actually might get the coconut co-washing thing. Is that a good product?
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I think the coconut cowash works really good it doesn't have any sulfates or silicones and it helps prevent buildup in my hair between shampoos.

And steamers are different from just applying heat when deep conditioning because it helps penetrate the hair shaft with water instead of dry heat. I know deep conditioners didn't do much for my hair when it was relaxed nor when I was natural with or without heat. It wasn't until I started getting steam treatments that I actually saw a difference with moisture in my hair. I mean its worth a shot seeing as how nothing else has seemed to work and salons typically charge between $20-$40 to get it done.

I hope you find something that works because i know first hand how horrible dry hair can be. I was at my wits end quite a few times dealing with how brittle and rough my hair was that I too thought only going back to a relaxer would help me manage my hair and not leave it so dry, but I'm glad I didn't.

Don't give up though I'm sure your solution is out there
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I wanted to save up for a Heautiful Hair Steamer but I found my dryer and thought that'd be okay. And after a few weeks of trying this CG method I'll see if I still need the professional help. I still might get a steamer of my own though. Thank you! I also heard hairfinity pills do wonders for some peoples hair so I'm considering that too!
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Yea hair pills do work. I was taking nutralite for hair skin and nails and they did help my hair grow faster. Biotin supplements work too if you want to go a generic route. And there are homemade ways you can do steam treatments here's a link if you want to experiment.