Has anyone used the products designed for FINE HAIR? I believe they have the dark green label? I am so tempted to try them.
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I have the shampoo and conditioner from this line and really like both. I love the smell actually. I find the shampoo more cleansing than the moisture retention one and both products rather volumizing. They also don't dry me out even though I'm coarse haired because even though they contain vegetable protein they leave the hair very soft and frizz free. I use the shampoo once every two weeks, the conditioner once a week. My friend uses the milk. She has fine hair and it gives her angled bob instant body. Oh and I got my mother the milk as well and it can make her hair which starts out feeling like hay when she neglects it turn to silk. I don't think it does much for curl enhancement though like the Coconut & Hibiscus styling products.
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