This thread just really needs to be revived. I'm in a bad mood tonight. So, I deep conditioned my hair. I really need to do a deep protein treatment, but that has to wait until Saturday, but I had my samples from Jessicurl and it does need conditioning too. I decided to leave it naked since it's night and all and maybe I just should give it a rest. But then my hair is practically straight. And I feel like a pretender. There it lies with just a little flip at the ends, a little puff and body. I'm a faaaaake. But then it's quite fun to bring out what wave I can with products and diffusing. Is that fake? Should I just say "hey it's fun". I've never been a big hair messer. I've either kept it short or permed it. (I didnt even realize it wasn't stick straight.) I rarely condition. I color (I just can't accept going grey). So honestly, it's kind of amazing it's in as good of shape as it is. But I have to accept that no matter what, I'm not even as wavy as most wavies. I'm not going to get those nice chunky pieces much. I probably need to comb out what wave I get and just accept the big wave pattern. It'll look legimately wavy for a while but inevitably begins to look like I just came out of a strong wind. I have to find a way to just enjoy what I have and do my best. Right. RIGHT? (Thumbnail is "worked" hair. Scrunched, gelled, diffused etc.)
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