Mon-gentle sulfate wash (Redken Fresh Curls)
Tues-water wash
Wed-water wash
Thurs-gentle sulfate wash
Fri-either water wash or no shower
Sat-gentle sulfate wash
Sun-water wash

I really like Redken Fresh Curls as a shampoo. It's less stripping than some low poos and doesn't make me itchy unlike my former favorite shampoo/low poo which is Jessicurl GLS. I hate cowashing and I have to shower almost every day because of working out (running or crossfit) and I sweat quite a bit.
Coarse texture, normal-high porosity, normal elasticity (Komaza Care), very weak waves
cleanser: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo, CJ Daily Fix

rinse out: GVP Conditioning Balm, CJ Beauticurls, CJ Smoothing

jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG