I like your hair chupie. mine is very similar, With no product my hair is basically strait with a little bit of wave, healthy, but still pretty strait. I can encourage curl and it will last a little while but I'm starting to accept that while I am most likely never going to get the pretty tight ringlet curls that I think are so nice, I am able to wear my hair both basically strait or pretty wavy with out a crazy amount of effort either way. It gives me more versatility if I think about it. I had a hard time admitting that, since I've always wnted curls, and have definitely had a few meltdowns out of frustration that I couldnt force myself to have what my "ideal" curl pattern was, and felt like I was trying to fake/force what I didn't have. Thanks for digging up this thread
~Curly, Runner, Self-confessed Nerd~

2a no product/2b-c styled
Low Porosity, Fine
No poo-SM
Co wash-VO5 kiwi lime*
Rinse out- ION EC
Leave in - Giovanni Direct then SM smoothie (ends only)
Stylers-SM souffle topped with BRHG*

Hair hates: glycerin (high dews here in TX)
Hair likes: Coconut Oil*, protein