Hi All,

I got married about 2 months ago and believe it or not one of the most stressful things about the entire process was trying to find someone to do my hair. I got married in Wilmington DE and what i have learned is that outside of certain cities...a Natural Hair stylist is an anomaly. I searched high and low and finally my Matron of honor and I decided the night before that we would do my hair. My hair turned out pretty nice actually but it wasn't the look i wanted (if you know what I mean). At the end of the day I am still frustrated with the fact that there are so many salons out there claiming they can do natural hair and really they can't. Not anything beyond a attempting to flat iron it or some twist or locs. I've talked to other natural brides and I've found that typically all have a hard time, but the tighter the texture the worse the time with it. How do we take what is happening in cities like ATL, DC, Houston and other cities with some Natural Options and spread it? That is the question? At the end of the day. My wedding day was awesome; it was the night of my life. I married the man of dreams I didn't even know i had. However when I look at my pictures...I still wonder how that hair could be different.
"We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie