The best way to choose products is based on properties, not curl pattern. Properties include things like texture, porosity, and density. has lots of great info for determining your hair properties (and also offers a hair analysis service if you're still unsure), as well as general info about ingredients to look for/avoid based on properties. There is also a thread buried somewhere in the 2s forum called "Share Your Hair Biography." It's a great reference for searching out other people with the same properties and seeing what works and doesn't work for them. Again, curl pattern really doesn't play into this. I have 3a curls, but my hair twin has 2b waves. We have nearly identical properties and get almost identical results from the same products. If one of us raves about something, it's pretty much guaranteed that the other will love it also.
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Do you know if I have to pay for the hair analysis? I think I might do that if it doesn't cost too much because I'm not 100% sure on my hair properties. They should be in my signature but idk cuz I'm on my phone!
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