I agree with cutting out protein, but I also suggest doing some hot oil treatments. You can use olive oil or check out some recipes on youtube to make your own hot oil treatments. You are not going to see immediate results it going to take time so you need to be patient. Also, its probably not that your hair rejects everything it might just be that you are overloading with the protein and it cant get any better while you are still using it.
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I cut protein from my routine for awhile when i had super dry brittle hair and that worked. Do not use aphogee again, thats really strong. And the bentonite clay wash is drying too so maybe rhassoul clay is gentler. Or you can do a acv rinse then wash your hair with conditioner.

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Alright so I think everyone agrees I'm using too much portein so I'm cutting that out. For 4 weeks I will try the CG method and see how my hair turns out!