Definitely sounds over conditioned. Are you sure your hair texture is coarse? I only ask because I also have extremely thick hair (met FIA criteria for iii after a haircut where stylist thinned my hair), and as a brunette I could definitely see individual strands of hair when I held them in front of me, but I learned over time that my hair was fine in texture, I just have a lot of it. I ended up over conditioned and started adding protein a little at a time and was finding that my hair never seemed to get over-proteined, so I started questioning my assessment of my hair and did a hair analysis that came back as completely different than what I thought.
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Protein always makes my hair crunchy, even when I moisturize after. And yes my strands are very thick, strong, and I can hear them crunch when I roll them between my fingers. I don't get splits or breakage easily at all, even with repeated heat abuse. I can pick up a whole can of soda with one hair. Haha.

I just started using my sulfate free shampoo instead of cowashing and then used a light VO5 conditioner as a leave in and my hair is back to normal. I guess it was over moisturized.

I may look into a hair assessment, though. I could be wrong.