Ok, so I don't really want to go full out on telling my curly hair story but a brief summary is that I had my mom cut my hair and she messed it up, so I went to a hairdresser who fixed it and then, I was unhappy with my curls for a few months but then I started wearing it out and I loved it! Before my Mother had cut my hair I had straightened it every single day about twice a day for years and years( 4+!)
I then gave up heat and started wearing my hair curly! It had gotten so long. (That was about 3 years ago.) My hair was about neck length and was much shorter when curly due to shrinkage, Then my curls were about 3a/3b most likely leaning more to the 3a side. But I honestly think that was because of heat damage and the fact that I had worn it up in a really tight bun so much. Anyways, my hair is now much healthier and curlier than before, it's looking so much better and I love it. It 3b/3c textured, mostly 3/c in the back. My hair is currently half an inch past my bra strap which hangs pretty low on my back.
Now, I have always wanted long hair when I was little but since my hair was curly it was a handful and a big nappy mess so I cut it short and kept it cut short fore almost my whole life. Now I finally have long hair and I scheduled an appointment a at new Hair Salon. Well, it is one I have never been too. The salon is one for "African American hair and mixed hair textures" My grandmother went in there a few months ago and asked the owner if they specialized in multiracial hair and they said yes, I was pretty excited about it so I went down there a few months after and spoke with one of the Hair Dressers. I told her I just wanted a trim. (You know to get a feel of how she cuts hair and if I will like her or not.) She told me that she could do that but she would have to straighten my hair first. That sort of freaked me out a little. No one in my family understands when I say that. My mom's side of the family has straight hair and my dads has very, very, very curly but, most of them relax their hair. When you spend so much time and put so much effort into taking care of your hair and holding back from straightening it and frying it, hair isn't just "Hair" Anymore. It's apart of you. I was very insecure about myself before I started wearing my hair natural, now that I have I don't care what people think of me anymore, I satisfy myself. I love my hair. It helped me become more confident. It took me about roughly a year and a half in order to grow my hair out to the length it is now. That was how much time it took when I stopped doing things that would break my hair off. I am very familiar with Loraine Massie's Curly Girl book, which acutally taught me how to trim my own hair. I found out the real way to cut curly hair and when I did it myself, It actually turned out EVEN! I was shocked.

To end this post, I have talked to my mom about it how nervous I am and how the only reason I would go to the salon this Saturday would be for the blowout and flat ironing she would do to my hair, I am just too lazy to do it myself it is too much work and I like Salon blowouts better because they use products that make my hair silky so I can leave I can leave it straight for longer. My mom thought that was pointless because I could just straighten my hair at home so I told her the reason and she didn't agree. So now I am sort of feeling like "Nobody understands my hair.." There is no DevaChan salon in my area by the way.
There aren't a lot of people in my family with curly hair either, at least on my mom's side. My brother has an afro like texture and he wants cornrows (The hair dresser does cornrows) So he really wants me to go with him there. I thought Of cancelling the appointment because I'm very scared, I'm scared she will cut off too much, and inch off my hair is enough to make me cry myself to sleep, that is about 3 months of growth for me.
My family is telling me that straightening curly hair first is the PROPER method. I told them no but they disagree and say I need to trust the woman she is a professional.

Please help me! Anyone else out there with the same fear? I need advice soon! Thanks to anyone who reads this sorry it was so long.
(If people want to know the majority of me is Cherokee and white but I am part Black as well.)