I'm looking for other opinions, maybe suggestions...I'm hoping people with rescue dogs, specifically those like claudine who have rehabilitated dogs, will weigh in.

I live in a large neighborhood, but we're thickly settled. Its a community of townhouses grouped in sets of 2 - 4 to a 'building' so its set up like houses with lawn in between 'buildings' and sidewalks and stuff. We're set between wooded areas so there are hiking trails. There are about 250 some odd units, so its a big neighborhood. One woman has a rescue dog. A boxer that was apparently abused by its former owner. I feel this dog is very unpredictable. He freezes on the spot when I walk by and stares at me and the walker can clearly not move him until I've well passed. She usually crosses the street with the dog when she walks, but its not a big street. He has lunged at me a couple of times and the owner has had to pull him back. Usually I notice her get very focused straight ahead and shorten the leash when she is going to pass as if she's anticipating needing to control him better.

This is a big dog. I feel bad that the poor thing was abused but not to the point of compromising my or my children's safety. There are a lot of families, children, small dogs, etc in this neighborhood. I don't think any of these people walking the dog could actually control him if he felt threatened and acted. He has lunged at one of my neighbors and she talked w the owner and the owner told her that their two dogs had to be walked separately bc the male will attack if given the chance. Apparently he has attacked the owner a few times. This is scary to me living in such a community neighborhood.

Okay. I think thats it. Thoughts?