Yup, thanks, CnS! And one tip deserves another. I did indeed get my clips at Sally's. They're the double pronged curl clips like the ones Jas was talking about. I'm going to get some more off of amazon or ebay. I don't think there's any difference between those clips and the deva clips. Except supposedly the devaclips can come in the same color as your hair which I admit would be awesome.

Jas, keep at it. I bet you'll get the hang of it soon. It took me a few tries and you're like a hair pro. Myrna, I'm going to watch that video because the last time I tried the jaw clips I tried it the way Veronica Meza did it in her video. Speaking of which, Rustina I'm going to try putting in the clips when my hair is 3/4 dry then to see if I get even better volume. Thanks for the tip.
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