I was just thinking back to the time I found out about my 3b/4a low porosity dry hair. I was really concerned about finding the correct product(s).

Let's start with the questions:

Have you tried the CG method?
It possible that your hair may not like the lo-poo.

Did you take a look at the ingredient list on products you are using? Your hair may not like cones.

I used Suave conditoner for a while and wondered why my hair was still dry. It has a cone that dried my hair. Once I switched conditioner out. It was smooth sailing.

Are you consistent with your regimen? Trying/using many products will yield questionable results. Which I have just witnessed with my regimen.

When I notice my hair & dryness all the time , my goal was moisture retention. Once I found that product to assist in that goal, I made sure I was consistent with product and procedure until I saw results.

Now, these results worked for me. I'm unsure how they will work for you. But know that consistency is key.