Merderma improves your scars, but see a major difference. You're going to have to do/use more than just merderma. You'll need to exfoliate and apply sunscreen.

There is this scrub that I used on my face and it has faded most of my acne scars and improved the texture of my skin.The scrub is a baking soda scrub.
All you do is get a spoonful of pure baking soda into your hand and mix it with water/ lemon. You rub the mixture gently onto your face and let it sit on your face until you can't smile (it will tingle a bit and that's normal). Wash it off with cool water and apply a moisturizer right a way because it tends to leave your skin dry. Do this scrub at night because it tends to leave your skin red.

Also the thing about scars is that they need to be protected from the sun since it can darken them even more. When you do your makeup mix any moisturizer you have with your foundation.