I'm having dry hair again (it was well moisturised like 3 weeks ago). My hair feels like the hair of a 50 year old doll (those babysized dolls) that has been laying in a cupboard (with spiderwebs ofcourse) for those same 50 years if you get what I mean...

I have been experimenting with a lot of things and since march 15th or so I have done 2 gelatin treatments, a bananamasktreatment and an avocadotreatment because my curls were getting limper and I thought I needed proteins.

I now really think I have done a proteinoverkill since my hair feels like the 50year old dollhair...The ends are still healthy looking (not split) but they are razorsharp...Besides of having dry hair again, my hair got straighter, more frizzy, less defined (because of the frizz) and my clumps keep falling apart when my hair dries (I used to have clumps that were between a thumb thick and 2 thumbs thick, now I have clumps with the with of a pencil at most and they fall quite weird).

Does this sound like overproteined as I guess?
I already use Ultra doux conditioner with avocado oil and shea butter and that one gives me a better feeling in the shower (more moisture) but it still isn't enough. I feel like I need lots and lots more moisture...
What can I make (homemade) to give my hair a big moistureboost? and how long should I leave that stuff on my hair?