Griping, I can always gripe. Its a form of stress management; if you have not tried it, I suggest you do and recommend it highly:

Gripe #1: yes I get up earlier so that my hair can dry naturally now. I dont like this...but have not figured out how to diffuse it now that I see it is basically 3A/3B hairl.

Gripe #2: yes for those who said it, I second it: 3A hair is just difficult, and add low porosity to it..I never know what my hair will do. It does not have a strong springy pattern characteristic of 3B opr 3C; when it was 2C (pre-CG), I knew reasonably well what to use on it and how to diffuse it with my hot sock. Now -all bets are off.

Gripe #3: I have a LOT of silver. I get the roots done every 4 weeks. By about the 3rd week, the silver is causing droop at the top. Nothing I have tried helps this problem.

those are my 3 for now. Wait a few minutes - I am sure I will have more.