I'll keep that in mind! My hair is pretty moisturized but it can't hold a curl! I used my denman brush to try and brush my hair alittle so I could do a protective style (I have this HUGE bruise on my forehead ..) and my bangs dried straight and it looks as if I used my hair straightener ... Considering on getting a new cut instead since I'm starting a new job.
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From the looks of your pictures it looks like your hair needs some protein! The structure of your hair is damaged by heat. Make a homemade protein treatment with an egg, cup of mayo, and a teaspoon of olive oil then leave it on for an hour. Then after applying your leave in seal with coconut oil. Coconut oil a great oil to seal in protein . Try doing it once a week and whatever you do, do NOT put vaseline in your hair. It will only weight it down and is NOT CG friendly.

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egg protein is too large to penetrate the hair cuticle. It will just rinses off. Hydrolyzed protein is much better as it will penetrate the cuticle and fill in the gaps. Try Komazacare protein treatment or NBD cosmetics hair restoration treatment or Cush Cosmetics damage control or pre-salon keratin treatment. HTH

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