ditto, everyone else's suggestions and thoughts.

This isn't at all helpful but there is really no way of knowing when or if a dog will bite. All dogs can bite. Small, large, wild, trained, loved, abused, every breed. My nephew had to have facial reconstruction surgery after a family lab, who he had known his whole childhood, bit him on the face when he accidentally stepped on his foot. This was a stable, trained, loved, family dog. I've been around dogs my whole life and have been bitten twice. Both were family dogs that I knew well. You just never know.
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Thats true, I know. Usually dogs give off a vibe if they want you touching them or not. This one gives off a scary vibe.

I'm a little leary of some dogs anyway so I'm extra cautious.

At this point I'll just leave my complaint out there. They probably won't do anything if its just me but if many others complain or have issues, mine is out there too.