NewlyNatural, I think going CG is your best route. My hair was the driest thing ever before going CG. Also helpful might be this video series:

♡♡♡Structure of Hair - Part 1 The Basics - YouTube

♡♡♡Structure of Hair Part 2 - pH Balance Basics - YouTube

♡♡♡Structure of Hair Part 3 -Are you taking your hair on a pH roller coaster ride? - YouTube

♡♡♡Structure of Hair Part 4 - Using pH Balance Properly for Hair-Care - YouTube

Which I stumbled on early in my CG journey and really enlightened me. (I love me some science.) It might sound funny but I do check the PH balance of my products (also the ingredients to ensure they're sulfate/silicone free) and as such my hair has been very predictable. Also, if you haven't checked out livecurlylivefree and read everything on the site yet I recommend it. The key to getting the hang of your hair is reading as much as you can:

Live Curly Live Free - Home

You could send your hair in for an analysis if you want to be certain of your properties. I did and it helped. It turns out I have coarse hair which was a surprise. I assumed I was medium texture. But it makes sense. I always have to be one step ahead of my hair to keep it moisturized. The arid climate does not help. So what I do is I co-wash every other day or every third day. Depends on my exercise schedule but usually it's on day on, one day off. (You can definitely go longer between co-washes. I realize we have completely different curl patterns but if you're coarse. . .) Once a week I use a low poo on the scalp and I go with Shea Moisture products there bc they're the gentlest shampoos you can find. (Oh and As I am coconut Co-wash is amazing though. I highly recommend that.) Before I wash I tend to glide some oil over my curls to protect them. I recommend coconut or avocado oil for this. Olive is great too though. Also, you probably need to add moisture into your hair daily if not every other day. Every day when I wake up I wet my hair with a bit of water and smooth on some leave in conditioner in order to refresh. That keeps my hair hydrated and these days I'm good to go. Speaking of hydration, the hair vitamins and pills are probably great, but be sure you're getting enough water. 8 servings of at least 8 ounces a day. I second FSG as a natural styling product to keep your curls defined and your hair hydrated. Here is a fabulous video I found on that recently:

FLAX SEED GEL - Increase The Hold, Shine and Shelf Life - YouTube

Best of luck! I know it's a lot of information.
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Thank you for all the info! I'll try to add moisture daily I'm still figuring out what products to use. My diet is not good at all that's why I'm considering vitamins. So nope, I don't drink enough water. MY diet is also something I need to change. Thank you again for the links!