Hi all! I'm about 2 weeks into the Curly Girl routine and I can tell my hair is definitely more moisturized (I had a seriously dry, itchy scalp this winter. Much worse than any other winter before. Nasty). I know it takes a bit for your hair to get used to this system, but my curls look WAY less defined and all my volume has been zapped. It's like my curls are 100% heavier than they were before.

I have 3b (with some 3a and 3c thrown in), corkicelli curls with low porosity and medium texture. I've been using VO5 blackberry sage tea therapy conditioner as a co-wash and Tresemme Naturals as a conditioner/leave-in. Then I've been styling with Beautiful Curls Curly to Kinky Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream. The cream seems to leave my hair kind of greasy (which has been an ongoing problem with creams), so I'm looking for gel suggestions. But could it be that I'm conditioning too much, or leaving too much in? Or is the cream the culprit?
Shoulder-length, 3a-3b Corkicelli, Medium texture, low porosity