I feel your pain.

I have the opposite problem with an older group of female relatives (who I'm super close to). They constant obsess over my curls. I'm pretty sure they have some residual negative feelings towards their own curly hair left over from past hair mistakes (i.e. they all looked like twisted sister at some point the 1980s)

If I ever mention getting a hair cut, I get a huge lecture over how "horrible" I will look with short hair and how it would be the worst decision of my life. When I started university, I cut about 4 or 5 inches off my hair because it was too hard to handle. I really liked my shoulder length bob but they HATED it. I am still hearing about how it was the worst decision of my life years after the fact. They rant and rave about how I only look good with super long, super curly hair. I love my curls but I also love them at different lengths, styles and sometimes straightened. It's like, can't we find something else to talk about? Apparently not.
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