It's only been 4 days that ive been applying it, but i swear my spots look lighter to me. I'm gonna stop stressing it and just let them do their thing. I do apply it 3 times a day even though it says to do it once so maybe that's it? Idk. But i appreciate all of your ladies advice, and i am going to start applying a moisturizer in the morning with spf in it before i apply the mederma and my makeup so they stay protected and im going to go on the hunt for a good bb cream. Also, I'm gonna start using my night retinol cream before i apply mederma at night too. And exfoliate more. Thanks! if i should apply the moisturizer after the mederma, let me know. I Googled what would be best and half did it before and half did it after so idk! Lol

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