I really, really don't mean to step on any toes at all but I have never in my life seen people more hung up on ethnicity than americans. I'm not saying it's a bad thing at all, but to those of us who aren't used to it it's kind of confusing.
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I agree that the US sometimes is too race-focused (like this writer LOL). At the same time, many multi-ethnic countries don't discuss race enough, possibly in hopes that ignoring the conversation will prevent having to honestly observe and tackle their racial inequity, or in a foolish hope that race issues will “naturally” be resolved, allowing for the avoidance of uncomfortable feelings, or conflict.

The US is so race-focused IMO, partially because we suffer from a post-Colonial mindset. Non-white and "mixed race" citizens are often under-valued and/or are pitted against each other; some “minority” ppl express racism and excuse it by calling it “pride”; many white Americans struggle to balance and maintain the socio-political privilege they've enjoyed as a result of their history of subjugation and domination of others (i.e.: African slaves and Native Indians), and their feelings of guilt about past and present racist behavior compete w/ an urge to maintain their political power. (To be fair, I think we ALL can be racist and we ALL can be power hungry. Throughout world history, certain non-white groups have conquered and subjugated many others, too.)

Your username just cracks me up Anyway, something else you said made me think and I'm posting it below. Maybe in some way, I'm writing a lot of this just to get my thoughts about this stuff outa my head.

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