Anyone can join the group on FB or the new forum. No invitations necessary. PM me or ... trying to think of someone who hangs out in all the places ... anyone care to step forward and help people find their way over?

The group is way too large to be a clique. Also, aren't cliques exclusive? Because this isn't (see above). The FB group is secret only so we can talk freely (ie., swear and talk about S-E-X) without worrying about family/work/others on FB seeing what we're saying.

I hope this clears up some of the mystery. It's really not a big deal.
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Again, to clarify, I was explaining to her that most people have gone to another group, and I did mention the unhappiness w the board being the reason. The clique comment was separate and doesn't even include the majority of people who moved on to another group.

I really wasn't implying that anything was secret or exclusive.

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