So wait ... what did I miss? Why is there a mass exodus on

Needless to say I'm not going anywhere! I don't visit every day and only post sporadically, but this site will always have a special place in my heart ... and, like Arnie the Governator, I'll always "be back."
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There was no real drama. Just the usual anti-board sentiment and complaints, a little big of clique-snark, and some regrouping on other forums formed by members on FB. You may receive an invite if you haven't already. I think most board members are posting over there.

I am anti Facebook and though it has its ups and downs I'm pro So I try to wait out the drama.
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No real drama??? It was fake drama? And 'you may receive an invite'? I do not think anyone was left out unless you are anti Facebook. And then it was your choice but don't try and create drama by insinuating people were left out.
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Again, to clarify, there was no real drama in that there was no specific blow up thread that caused a mass exodus. You may recieve an invite means that there is a possibility someone may see her post and tell her about the new group if she isnt aware of it.

I wasn't insinuating anything. It is my choice to not go, and I don't feel left out at all.

If you guys can post more freely over there, thats great! But don't pop in here just to start drama where there is none. Its not fair to those of us who still post here. I meant no disrespect in my comment. I would appreciate it if none were created.