Hi Jessie,

If its any consolation I've had no luck with PT's either. The first time I tried the gelatin I forgot the ACV, so I thought that was why it didn't work. When I did it again with ACV it did feel kind of coated /oily(?) after, I was surprised and confused, I've tried it a few different ways with no obvious results except a messy shower and bathroom floor. At this point I've pretty much given up doing real PT's, I just look for RO's with protein and have been using PT's as leave-ins. You describe your hair as medium-fine though so maybe you don't need as much as I do.

The DB Pumpkin condish has oat protein, are you still using that? If your hair likes that you could try a deep/protein treatment with it. I know you have allergies to some ingredients and aloe is a no no so I'm not sure what other RO's to suggest. I'm trying Mill Creek Botanicals, AO GPB and Natures Gate CO's but I think they all have aloe. I haven't used Curl Junkie because I'm allergic to dia(whatever) urea but they have several products with protein too. Also you might check out the ingredients for the Colorful Neutral Protein Filler, its cheap, you can order it online from Amazon or Sally's and you can add it to anything.

Good luck
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Yeah it's tricky being low porosity, but not course. My crown is very fine and sometimes it loses curl. It seems to be once every 3 months. I certainly don't need lots of protein regularly.

I looked, the filler has aloe in it. Everything has aloe in it .

Oat protein works a bit different than other proteins. It doesn't concentrate itself on the cuticle, if I'm understanding this correctly.
Hydrolyzed Oat Protein - Derived from oats; adds texture and thickens hair, soothes, softens, and nourishes it. Restores strength and elasticity. Easily diffuses into the hair shaft to give a fuller, healthier look.

I might look for DT with oat and milk protein. I think if I did regular DT with my DB it would help. I'm the lazy DT person EVER.