I am trying to determine my porosity so I can do what is needed to have the healthiest hair possible. When I first big chopped I believe I had high porosity hair because my hair soaked up everything and my hair loved protein. It's now nine months later and products just sit on my hair (have had to switch products over time because of the coating issue). My hair always takes forever to dry (about nine to ten hours with product and close to seven without product). However my hair still loves protein. The hair float test revealed half floated, half sank. I was thinking I am now low porosity because of the products coating my hair and time to dry but then how would I explain how well my hair does with protein? I don't care about my hair type. I just want to know my porosity level. I have products now (after trial and error) that my hair loves. I need to know if my hair holding water for that long is going to eventually cause damage (read that online). I have started diffusing (finally figured out how to do it without causing frizz) but am worried that will cause damage as well. I have read the porosity info by naturally curly, other links online, and even watched YouTube.

Anyone else low porosity but your hair loves protein?

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