Letting the curly-haired males in your life know how great having curly hair is, is an important thing to start doing early I think. My son, who's still in middle school, has wonderfully curly hair (3a-ish) that he likes to wear on the long side specifically because he thinks it helps give him the grunge rocker look that he wants. I regularly tell him how great his hair is and share with him proper curly hair care that I learn. (He knows allllllllllllll about hair scrunching, not using a terry cloth towel to dry his hair, not touching his hair while it dries to help keep it from frizzing, etc. )

I'm just glad that I finally learned how to love my naturally curly hair and how to take care of it properly before my child reached the age when choosing the "look" for himself he wanted to present to the world. It makes me happy to see him want to show off his naturally curly hair and not worry about changing it to try and fit any general, societal standard.
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That's refreshing to hear. I wore mine long in my early teens but after a while I saw it as a headache to take care of, plus as a guy I felt out of place with curly hair. Partly because I had no idea how to take care of it. And good for your son for not worrying about any societal looks.