I have to be honest with you and tell you that there is a lot that I don't recognise, but I do notice that your styler has shea butter and as far as I'm concerned, that's one of the most moisturising ingredients you can find. Seeing that you have medium width, it seems to me that you can take some moisture, but perhaps your styler is too moisturising, thus weighing your hair down, especially when you take low porosity in consideration. Then again, I'm not entirely sure.

My hair used to be extremely voluminous as well, and it sometimes still is, but I thought I had coarse hair, so I bought extremely moisturising products with tons of oils. Turns out I have low porosity fine hair that hates oils. I still have these products because it's so expensive to buy new ones. Result is that my hair looks limp and weighed down.

(Good news is that AO GPB should arrive soon, which has protein and I think my hair needs it).
F - LP - HD - NE
Fine, low porosity, high density, normal elasticity
Hairtype 2c

Low poo: Petal Fresh Organics Rosemary & Mint Volumizing Shampoo
Protein: Colorful Neutral Protein Filler
Detangler/RO: KCKT (winter) or Curl Junkie Beauticurls Argan & Olive Oil (summer)
Styling: KCCC

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