I, Jessica M, solemly swear to never use: Gelatin, ACV, or any product or treatment loved by porous curlies. I don't care how amazing or shiny someone's hair looks, it isn't for you.
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!!! I might need to take that oath too. I try to ignore advice/reviews from people with dissimilar properties but when multiple threads extort the virtues of something (like Jas's darn mineral oil threads) I always seem to get sucked into the hype eventually.

I just checked and the CJ Repair Me is aloe free, I think you were looking for something less expensive but if you only need it once a month or so it should last awhile. Also Kathymack sells a sample of that so you could try it without too much risk. The list of what she has available is on her website (linked to by clicking on her username)
I'll vouch for her excellent service and quick shipping.
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Lol...I always end up with the pricey products! It's fine I'm just broke right now, but a sample sounds like a great thing. I'll check out the ingredients. It seems like a protein DT a lot of low porosity curlies like.