Something similar happened to me once at an Indian grocery store.

My hair loves Parachute brand coconut oil and around here, you can't beat the price for the amount anywhere. So I was buying a couple bottles of it because I try to keep on top of products that my hair likes so I don't run out. When I went to the cashier to pay she stared down at the bottles I placed on the counter then looked at me then the bottles again then me; kind of put what my mom calls a crooked grin on her face and asked if I was using the oil for cooking. I told her no. Then she gives me this disbelieving look and says, "Well, it's not for your hair, is it?" When I told her yes she looked at me like she was in total shock then said again, "You use this for your hair?"

Me: "Uh, yeah. You use it in your hair too, right?"

Cashier: "Well yes, but..."

Then she just cut off her sentence, looked flustered, and rang me up. The comment she was probably about to make was finished in my mind...

"Well yes, but, I'm Indian and you're black. What do you know about coconut oil for hair, particularly Parachute brand coconut oil?"

LOL! I found it rather amusing. When people observe you to do something that doesn't allow them to place you into the neat box they've assigned you to based on appearances, mind you, (i.e. race) then they are thrown off.
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