this is just a personal opition: but i try to use as much natural products and stuff as i can. it just really interests me that alot of what we buy in man made products do contain herbs and flowers or pants or oils, and i like to think if thats what we can make from this plant, how good must it be? so personal i like to use the natural route cause i think it has more benifits for my hair or skin or face.
i also dont like chemicals. growing up my parents didnt use many chemicals and im not used to them and seem to break out or get ichy and sore if i use normal shampoos or conditioners or products. with using natural things i dont get any problems.
also: i dont have much money, and products seems to run out pretty quickly. so i would rather buy a good quaility oil, that my hair loves, that i know has many other benifits and that is safer for me, (i dont get any problems).
i have a few other reasons but i dont want to bore any one with a really long post haha

my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
my hair loves conditioner only styling!
Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.