First of all I would just like to apologize for the length and the general amount of non-knowledge of this post, and I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to read all of it and help me out. I have fine (as in thickness) 3a, medium length and just need some general help/advice/ recommendations on what hair products/ routines I should be using. For starters I have type 3a hair, medium length, recently cut, and very fine thickness. I shower every night ( I don' t have time in the morning), comb my hair in the shower, towel dry by wrapping it up turban-style for a few minutes, and then air dry for a few hours (or less) before bed. Every morning I wake up to find hair that is beautifully curly/wavy with just enough tangles to know I slept on it. This prompts me to brush my hair, for which I use a cheap, plastic bristle brush, resulting in frizzed out hair with very little wave/curl. I would really like to be able to have the beautifully curly hair I get a few hours after I take a shower or when I first get up in the morning before brushing it. My major issues are that I'm a teenager, so I don't have access to anything other than what's available at the supermarket or drugstore, and that by the end of the day my hair gets greasy looking and stringy at the roots so I have to shower every night. If you have any advice or helpful suggestions that would be really awesome. And thank you sooooooo much for helping me out ,all advice will be gratefully read and put to use.