You sound offended. If so, I'm sorry, I didn't intend to come off offensively. Perhaps i should have worded the title differently or something. Yes, I'm well aware that not all black, or, coloured people have curly hair. That's obvious... But where I'm from, it is extremely rare for any fully white man or woman to have 4b 4c wooly afro hair. It's pretty much unheard of. Hubby gets ALOT of comments and complements on his hair because it is so unusual of someone of his pale complexion to have such hair. That's what I was getting at. Yes, race are not reserved to a certain hair type. My hubby is living proof of that. But stereotypes ring true sometimes, and here in Australia, people with his kind of curls are 99% of the time, very dark. We've only seen one other person who was white with his hair, and they had African descendants way back a few generations. Maybe in other countries its more common. Not here.

Thanks for the avocado tip, ill definitely give it a try. He isn't interested in getting it long. It seems to grow pretty well on its own anyway. But he was hoping to get it healthier. Moisturized. Maybe a little softer??

Thanks again.