I've been in the Marine Corps for about 4 years and the hair regulations are the strictest of all the branches. I have long, 2b hair, meaning that it must be kept slicked back in a tight bun 5-6 days a week. There can be no fly-always what so ever and I prefer to keep my hair up for 3 days at a time, minimizing the amount of times I wash my hair per week as much as possible (even 3 days is hard because my scalp starts to get itchy and my style messy). I sleep with a silk scarf around my hair at night in an attempt to retain my style (if it gets messed up I will be yelled at and have to do it over again). The hairspray, hair gels, amount of times I have to brush with a bristle brush in order to slick my hair back, and the tightness I wrap my daily chignon are all destroying my hair. It's falling out in clumps, brittle, and dry/ frizzy when I wash out my hair on the weekends. To a certain extent I can't help my situation, but is there anything I can do to help save my hair? I realize this isn't a "health" issue per se, but it might as well be.