Its a shame when things get to the point of members forming other groups. I think its unfortunate because it separates the community even more. Branching off into other groups creates cliques of people who aren't interested in the daily NC conversation, and disappear, only to mysteriously show up in droves when some drama occurs. This is the third time I've seen this happen here. Members come and go and move on to create or visit other sites. It will continue.
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I don't know about other times, but I do know about this one. I got a 3 day ban and so did Scrills. That ostricized us from the board. The other group was created to INCLUDE even those who could not participate on here. No one has been excluded from it. No one. If someone chooses not to participate, that's their choice. If anyone wants to join, they just have to pm those that have openly said, "PM ME" about this.

I came here to find help with my hair. I found it. I also made friends.

I can say with all certainty that is not what it used to be. It used to be a small business that cared about its customer base and was reasonable in its treatment of those customers and responsive to their needs, requests and inquiries. Now it has become, like a lot of the business world, a huge corporation that has lost touch with it's customer base as what made it so successful in the first place.

When I was very sick after having my son and was away from the boards for a very long time, Gretchen personally emailed me to see if I was okay. When she didn't get a response, b-wavy wrote me a letter via snail mail. That would NEVER happen now. (b-wavy is excluded from that statement; she's awesome! So is Gretchen, for that matter.) Unless there's a list of naughty curlies, the owners now do not know I exist, nor do they care because they don't have to. And the feeling from my point of view, is mutual.

There's nothing wrong with keeping in contact in some other capacity with friends made here. Will it hurt non-hair culture? No. The damage was already done. The new group on facebook and the new forum is the direct result of changing for the worse, not the cause of changing.

Yes, the non-hair board is different. I don't post as much; I don't read as much and neither do some others. (I do not presume to think that MY presence or lack thereof is a defining factor of board culture; I can only speak from my point of view.) But that's because I feel pushed away. My heart is no longer "in it" here. I feel like whatever I post is going to be scrutinized in an overbearing, reactionary, and purely subjective micromangement manner by the moderators. It has nothing to do with a "clique". It has everything to do with rules being enforced in a non-consistent and purely subjective manner.

And as NetG said, since I am posting this in feedback, I am posting this complaint within the allowances of the rules.

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