I think you try doing a weekly deep condtiOner. I like mixing banana baby food with honey but everyone has their favs. Just adding oil to my hair would do nothing for it unless I was sitting under a dryer.

I think race is pretty irrelevant so I usually avoid race hair care questions. But i want to know how do you know your husband is 100 percent white? I guess you are basing his whiteness on his complexion but not all people considered non-white are dark. several of my relatives have lighter skin than a lot of "white" people and there is no recent white person in my family. Truth is most people are not all anything and long ago traits can sometimes surface. There is a movie called Skin about a white South African couple who had black kids because they likely both had traces of black blood and didn't know it but the recessive traits connected and batabambataboom. Aren't native Australians persecuted? here in the US there were a lot of multirace people who could pass for white who did to escape Jim Crow and be able to live more comfortably as white people. They moved away from home, disowned their families and went to live as if they were "just white" people. So maybe somebody somewhere down the line squirted some chocolate in yo milk.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.