I believe that I am protein sensitive because when I use products with protein my hair gets straw like. I can get through half a bottle of Kenra Moisturizing before I get that feeling and in one instance I used Pantene Advance and the straw result was immediate. I also get the same feeling using Aussie 3mm and Biolage but it takes about a week of use. I assume its because of the aloe.

I tried going completely non protein in everything. I tried Suave Naturals, V05, Tresemme Naturals(all 3), and GVP Balm. They cause my hair to feel dry, almost doll like, and undefined. These are my only options for no protein and no aloe that I can get and they are not doing me any good.

Are there some shampoos and conditioners that have a protein ingredient that are very light on the protein? Basically, if I see protein or aloe I just put it back on the shelf but I wonder if I can get away with using a very small amount. If I am looking for light proteins, which ingredients should I look for? Any suggestions for working around these protein land mines?

Btw, can't do CG and I have tried Loreal Ever lines but I can't get over the smell. Thanks.