Hair Biography

Curl Pattern: 2c/3a depending on the day
Texture: a mix! I'm beginning to think its more fine than I thought, but I have grays that are more coarse (I color sporadically), mostly fine side of normal
Porosity: high
Density: medium
Elasticity: not sure
Length: shoulder length bob

Characteristics: spirally under layers and around face (only on one side, lol), root curl, straighter canopy and other side of face, curls droop by the end of day and look more wavy, frizz is a major problem on new growth at crown (and in general), flat top without clipping, crazy whirls if I diffuse too much upside down

CG/ModCG/not CG: modified- use a clarifying shampoo occasionally (CHS Treatment), will experiment with cones if they're water soluble and/or low on ing. List, mainly CG

Ingredients hair likes: Pretty agreeable, experimenting with glycerine free products currently in high dews, creams, lighter watery gels give me better coverage, protein

Ingredients hair dislikes: jellies are hit or miss for me and tend to leave flakes, too oily/heavy products leave me feeling producty, hard hold gels (I don't like any crunch that can't be easily scrunched out without causing frizz!)

HG/Go-to Products: DevaCare low poo, KCKT, Joico Kpak reconstructor, Jane carter nourish and shine for SOTC, Curls rock or Recoil, CK

Average climate/dew points: humid always (SW Florida)

Fall/Winter combos: Leave in + CK + Curl cream
Spring/Summer combos: still experimenting....LI mixed with Jojoba or MO + SS CEJ/ FHG -or- curl cream topped with med. hold gel

Favorite styling techniques and why: plopping, diffusing, root clipping
Techniques that didnít work and why: super soaker (not enough volume), 2nd day hair doesn't exist for me, spritzing = frizz, smoothing = flat top

Hair Twins: ???
2C/ Coarse/ Normal porosity/ SW Florida/ Salt & Pepper
Cleanse: AIA cowash, TJ Tea Tree Condish
Condish: JC Too Shea, Tresemme Botanique
Stylers: flax/okra gel or KCCC + CJ PP or JC Spiralicious
Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!