Edit to my last message, several of the Fructis products WERE silicone free, but they have been reformulated. Repair & Shine now contains amodimethicone but no palm oil so no wonder I've had bad hair lately!

Others that are silicone free are the Curls Milkshake, Curls Coconut Sublime, AFAIK the whole Jessicurl line and the whole Devacurl line are silicone free. Plus others: all the ingredients lists are in the store, you are looking to avoid anything with the suffix -cone, -conol, -xane, check and double check as you can see from my post things change and people give you out of date information. On the high street there is Tresemme Naturals, at least some of the Naked range and probably a few 'organic' brands.

This seems fairly up to date but it does have the R&S included
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